In Memory of
U.S. Army Private
Chester Afraid of Bear
Slim Buttes, South Dakota
Shannon County
August 21, 1924-April 8, 1945
Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas

 Chester Afraid-of-Bear

Chester “Jim” Afraid of Bear was the son of Robert Afraid of Bear and Francis (White Wolf) Afraid of Bear from Pine Ridge, South Dakota.  Chester lived at Slim Buttes near Pine Ridge, South Dakota.  Before he entered the service, he stayed at home and helped care for his family’s homes and horses at Slim Buttes.

Chester voluntarily entered the service on February 10, 1945 at Fort Snelling, Minnesota.  He served as a member of Company C, 108th Infantry Training Battalion, 76th Infantry Training Regiment at Camp Robinson in Arkansas.  A cousin of Chester’s recalled that while he was in training, during a routine gas mask drill, Chester dropped his mask.  This unfortunate accident resulted in his death.  In the Army’s official records it is recorded that his death “occurred in the line of duty and was not a result of his own misconduct”.  He died on April 8, 1945 in Regional Hospital at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Alexander Chasing Hawk, 9th grade, Crazy Horse School, Wanblee, South Dakota on April 4, 2002.  Information for this entry was provided by Rita Afraid of Bear, cousin, and the Veteran’s Bonus Record.