In Memory of
Army T/Sgt.
Jewett A. Bale
Wallace, South Dakota
Codington County
April 5, 1920 – August 19, 1943
Killed in Action Over Italy

 Jewett A. Bale

Jewett A. Bale was born on April 5, 1920, in Wallace, SD. He and his younger brother, Allen, were the sons of John Andrew Bale. When he was 15, Jewett was confirmed at Wallace Lutheran Church. He was enrolled in Watertown High School, from which he graduated in 1938.

After high school on April 21, 1942, Jewett enlisted in the Army Air Corps at a young age of 22. He trained at various bases such as Palm Beach, Florida, Scott Field, Illinois, and at Herington, Texas. TSgt. Jewett Bale was sent overseas in June of 1943.

Stationed at the home base in Africa, Army TSgt. Jewett A. Bale was reported missing in action after a low level bombing in Rumania on August 19, 1943. Later the War Department corrected the report and stated Bale had been shot down over Italy on August 19, 1943. This information was “accurate and final,” according to the government. According to reports given by the pilot of TSgt. Bale’s plane, the crew was ordered to abandon the disabled plane and all men were accounted for except Jewett, who, as the radio operator, was duty bound to report the plane’s final position. As Bale performed his duty, the plane exploded.

Jewett A. Bale’s memorial service was held on July 8, 1945, at Wallace, South Dakota. Reverend Harold Bueide Pasteur of the Wallace Lutheran Church officiated. Jewett A. Bale was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Brent A. Holzer, 8th Grade West, Spearfish Middle School, Spearfish, South Dakota, November 2, 2000. Information for this entry was provided by Mr. Allen Bale, Minneapolis, Minnesota, brother of Tech Sergeant Jewett A. Bale.