In Memory of
Army Pfc.
Alfred Balliet
Trail City, South Dakota
Corson County
June 6, 1919 – February 25, 1945
Killed in Action at Corregidor in the South Pacific

Alfred Balliet

Alfred Balliet was born June 6, 1919, in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Alfred was the third oldest of ten children born to Jacob and Dorothea Balliet. Alfred went to high school in McLaughlin, South Dakota, from where he graduated in 1936. After that he found work on the railroads and was also in the Civilian Conservation Corps camp.  Later Alfred graduated from Nettleton Business College in Sioux Falls, SD; while there he was a Golden Glove Boxer.

Alfred joined the service in the summer of 1941, where he completed his basic training with the 503 Parachute Battalion at Fort Benning, Georgia. Pfc. Balliet was home on leave only once and thereafter was sent overseas to the Pacific theater. His brother Walter stated, “He had more than double the points to come home on rotation, but Gen. Douglas McArthur would not let his men go home.” While he served overseas, Pfc. Balliet fought in the Philippines, New Guinea, Australia, and then Corregidor, where 170 American soldiers were killed from February 16 to March 2, 1945.

Pfc. Alfred Balliet had made approximately 14 jumps in battle. On February 25, 1945, he was killed on the ground after a 24-day battle at Corregidor when a grenade hit Alfred in the chest; he died of his wounds within two hours. Although originally buried at a cemetery in the Pacific, Alfred’s body was returned to American soil after the war and buried at the Trail City Cemetery. As his brother stated, “May his Soul rest in Peace.... To this day I hold him in the Highest Esteem.”

This entry was respectfully submitted by Chrissy Antuna, 8th Grade West, Spearfish Middle School, Spearfish, South Dakota, November 20, 2000. Information for this entry was provided by Walter Balliet, Rapid City, SD, brother of Pfc. Alfred Balliet.