In Memory of
U.S. Army Staff Sergeant
Reinhold A. Albrecht
Delmont, South Dakota
Douglas County
July 23, 1919 – April 26, 1945
Killed in Action on Luzon in the Philippines

  Reinhold A. Albrecht

Reinhold Albrecht was born on July 23, 1919 at Delmont, South Dakota. Albrecht was the son of John and Katherina Albrecht of Delmont.  They also had four other children, Clara, Erna, Hugo, and Helmuth.  Reinhold spent his entire childhood in and around Delmont.  His friend, Emil Rothenberger, remembers that he looked up to Reinhold “as he acted more mature and had good sense; we had a few good times playing teener baseball, which is where we became friends.” 

Reinhold Albrecht entered the service in February 1942, and went overseas on June 8, 1942, without ever “being home on furlough” and his folks “never saw him in uniform.”  He was first sent to the Solomon Islands, then to New Zealand for a rest.  Next Albrecht saw action in New Caledonia in February 1945 and then was shipped to the Philippines.  His parents had received a letter from him written April 22, 1945, and he told of his recent promotion to Staff Sergeant and that “he had enough points to make him eligible for discharge under the newly adopted point system of discharge.” In a different letter, he wrote that “mail on the Philippines is slow,” and that he was waiting to hear from his family. He went on to say, “The people here seem to be very glad to see us come back. It is very nice here.”

On April 26, 1945, Staff Sergeant Reinhold Albrecht was killed in action at Luzon, Philippine Islands. There were memorial services at Hope Lutheran Church in Delmont. The newspaper wrote, “This is the first such war casualty to be received at Delmont.”

According to Gertrude Brenner, who attended the graveside services, Reinhold Albrecht’s remains were returned to the United States after the war and buried at the Hope Lutheran Cemetery.

Staci Hoffman and Kinsey Antonsen, seniors at Platte High School, respectfully submitted this entry May 16, 2002.  Information for this entry was provided by Mr. Emil Rothenberger, a friend of Reinhold, and Anthony and Esther Weber, niece.