In Memory of
U.S. Marine Corps
Leland Edward Baumbach
Bryant, SD
Hamlin County
April 3, 1923-February 6, 1945
Killed in Action on Island of Ponape

Leland Edward Baumbach

Leland Baumbach was born on April 3, 1923 in Bryant, South Dakota. His parents, Charles Chris and Nellie Lydia also gave birth to Charles, Rosalyn (Dunlop), Beverly (Harris), James, and Burton. Growing up Leland excelled at playing the baritone, horn, and trombone, and he won national superior ratings with the baritone.  He took these skills with him to play in a military band. Leland graduated from Bryant High School in 1941. Following graduation, he went to welding school in Sioux City, Iowa, after which he took a job as a welder, working on Liberty ships in California. He married Esther Rogness, prior to his enlistment into the United States Marine Corps.

Leland was trained in Cherry Point, North Carolina as a radio-gunner in a B25 bomber-fighter plane. He went over seas to the South Pacific, with the Marine Bomber Squadron VMB 613 division.

Leland died on February 6, 1945 when he and six other men were shot down by Japanese anti-aircraft guns on the Island of Ponape.  The family held a memorial service in Bryant, South Dakota. Leland was originally buried on the Island of Ponape, and two years later he was returned to the United States and buried in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri.

This profile was respectfully submitted by Stephanie Schulte and Lori Mergen, seventh graders, Mickelson Middle School, Brookings, SD. Charles Baumbach, brother to Leland, of Heron Lake, Minnesota, along with Lelandís other brothers and sisters, provided information for this profile.