In Memory of
Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Company G. 361st Infantry
Cecil Leroy Beardemphl
Ashton, South Dakota
Spink County
December 29, 1919  - September 19, 1944
Killed in action near Macchi, Italy

Site of Cecil Leroy Beardemphl's death  Cecil Leroy Beardemphl headstone

     Left: This is the site of Cecilís death in Macchi, Italy. Right: Cecilís gravesite

Cecil Leroy Beardemphl was born in Ashton, South Dakota, on December 29, 1919.  Cecil was the fifth son of Henry and Jennie Beardemphl.  He attended school in Ashton until he moved with his family to Tacoma, Washington, in 1937. Cecil married Jean Gifford in 1942 at Tacoma.

In November of 1942, Cecil and his brother Cody entered the service at the same time.  They both were sent to the European Theatre. Cecil was sent to Italy in 1943, and his brother to London England. Cecil was in Company 361st Infantry as a Staff Sergeant.   

Cecil was killed on September 1944 and buried in a cemetery in Florence, Italy.  After his parents moved back to Ashton, Cecilís remains were shipped to Ashton and he was buried in the family plot in 1949.  His brother Cody returned home in 1945.

In 1995 Cecilís nephew, Michael A. Craig, spent time in Italy with the people and the farmers around Macchi, Italy. He located the battlefield where Cecil was killed. On the spot was a cross made of old lumber with some flowers tied onto it.  He did not know who placed it there, but thought it might have been the people of the area.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Brad Henjum, 9th grade, Conde High School, Conde, South Dakota, February 28, 2002.  Information was provided by Mrs. Mary E. Patterson, Sacramento, California, a sister of Cecil Leroy Beardemphl