In Memory of
Army Airman
Robert A. Bell
Flandreau, South Dakota 
November 8, 1921-August 19, 1943
Killed in training near Boston, Massachusetts

Robert A. Bell

Robert A. Bell was born in Flandreau, South Dakota on November 8, 1921.  His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Bell.  He had no bothers or sisters.  Robert attended rural elementary schools and Egan High School. While growing up, he worked on the family farm. He never married and had no children. His life was short and simple until he joined the army. His supervising officer, Sgt. McAllister, remembered Robert as an outstanding student and a young man of character.

On October 23, 1942 Robert A. Bell join the Army Air Services at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Robert was trained at Oakland, California, Robins Field in Okalahoma and Commonwealth Field in Boston, Massachusetts.

Robert A. Bell of Army Air Services was in training at Commonwealth Field, Boston when his death occurred. He was flying with two lieutenants, a civilian pilot, a Northwest airlines instructor, and two mechanics.  He had just finished the ground work and was getting the required flying time for training when he perished.  This death was the first fatal accident of Northwest Airlines in a decade.

On Thursday Afternoon at the Second Presbyterian Church, Reverend Daniel Knox Ford held the funeral services for Robert A. Bell. He was buried at Union Cemetery in Flandreau, South Dakota on August 26, 1943.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Cassandra Schaffer and Justine Sorensen, 5th grade, Jolley Elementary School, Vermillion, South Dakota, March 25, 2002. Information for this entry was provided by Robert P. Gill of Flandreau, South Dakota, spouse of Robertís cousin Rosemary Baver (Gill).