In Memory of
Army Paratrooper
Aaron Grover Bettelyoun
Allen, South Dakota
Bennett County
March 21, 1913 – October 1, 1944
Killed in Action in Holland

Aaron Grover Bettelyoun

Aaron Grover Bettelyoun was born on March 21, 1913, at Martin, Bennett County, South Dakota. His parents were Edward and Pearl Bettelyoun. They lived in rural Allen, South Dakota, where until entering the service he worked on a ranch with his father.

After entering the military on March 19, 1942, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Grover became a paratrooper and served in Europe. While in England, he met and married Margaret Church; they were married August 12, 1944, at Leisleices, England. They had no children.

While serving in Holland as a paratrooper, Grover Bettelyoun was killed in action on October 1, 1944. Memorial services were held at Martin on November 14, 1944, to honor Grover.

Aaron Grover Bettelyoun is listed on the World War II: Honor List of Dead and Missing: State of South Dakota as a Kingsbury County casualty. Since the Rapid City Journal wrote that he was “a lifelong resident of Bennett County,” it is believed to be an error.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Justin Moreno, White River Middle School, 8th Grade; information for this entry was provided by an application for a SD veteran’s bonus payment and the Rapid City Journal.