In Memory of
Army Private
Kenneth R. Black

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Minnehaha County
July 30, 1919 - December 29, 1942
New Guinea

Kenneth R. Black

Kenneth R. Black was born on July 30, 1919, in Luverne, Minnesota.  He was born to Carl and Emma (Iverson) Black and had one brother named Clarence.  Kenneth spent most of his years in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and attended Whittier Middle School.  He spent his free time doing his favorite hobby:  roller-skating.  He was also a former Argus Leader carrier boy.  While attending Washington High School, Kenneth participated in running track.  For employment Kenneth loved to sell things and held jobs that contained that sales aspect.  In fact, as a child in the late 1920’s people recall him buying ice cream bars at Fenn’s Ice Cream Co. and going to the local businesses downtown and selling the bars to the workers for a few cents profit per bar.  Dorothy Black said that Kenneth was also known among his family for having a great sense of humor.

Kenneth Black entered active service in the army on June 22, 1941.  He was trained at Camp Roberts in California, and remained in the states and was shipped overseas on May 1, 1942, to Australia.  Black was then sent to the island of New Guinea on September 28, 1942.  He was a Private in Company C, 128th Infantry.

While stationed in New Guinea, Black was involved in a night skirmish on December 29, 1942.  Private Kenneth R. Black was struck by a bullet that ended his young life.  Harry W. Lusk, First Lieutenant, Infantry, Commanding Co. C sent Mr. and Mrs. Carl Black a letter “on behalf of all the officers and men of C. Company.”  This letter stated the following:

In the midst of your sorrow, you have just reason to be proud of your son.  He had
served on the front lines during a major portion of the Battle, and had done a  splendid
job.  His efforts will long be remembered by all of us who were there with

Private Black was buried in New Guinea, but his body was later brought back home and laid to rest in Hills of Rest Memorial Park.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Sarah Porter, 12th Grade, Sioux Falls Christian High School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, April 5, 2002.  Information for this entry was provided by Dorothy Black, sister-in-law of Private Kenneth R. Black.