In Memory of
U.S. Army Air Force Staff Sergeant
Terrace Warnes Blair
Volga, South Dakota
Brookings, County
July 9, 1923 – November 8, 1945
Car Crash - Louisiana

Terrace Warnes Blair

Terrace Blair was born in Turton, South Dakota on July 9, 1923.  He had a brother Richard, and two sisters named Irene (Enright), and Beulah (Anderson).  He was blessed with a half sister, Elizabeth Wichman.  Their parents were Tena and Terrace Blair Sr. Elizabeth’s father, Terrace’s stepfather, was Delbert Reeves.  Terrace Blair Sr. passed away when Terrace was six years old.

Terrace enjoyed school, debate, reading, sports, and was an honor student.  He attended Boy’s state, worked in a local grocery store, and helped out on his grandparent’s farm.  He attended South Dakota State College for a short time and worked in South Carolina before he entered the United States Army Air Corps.

He entered active service on October 14, 1943, when he became a member of the United States Army Air Corps.  One of the places Terrace trained was Amarillo, Texas.  He received additional training as a radio operator and as a gunner on a B24 bomber.  He was stationed in Texas, South Dakota, Arizona, California, and Louisiana before he went overseas.    He went to Europe and served in Italy in December of 1944, serving on B24 bombers.  While in Italy, he rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant. 

Unlike many participants in World War II, Terrace did not die of combat injuries.  Instead he died on November 8, 1945, in a car crash just a few days before his discharge in Louisiana.  

He was buried in Volga, S.D. and the military honored him with an Air Medal with an Oak Leaf Cluster, and four Battle Stars.  Terrace’s mother accepted the honors earned by her son while serving in the United States Army Air Corps.

Survivors at the time of Terrace’s death were his mother Tena, siblings Irene, Beulah, Elizabeth, and Richard, who served with Darby’s Rangers in WWII. 

This profile was respectfully submitted by Maggie Harper-Rogers and Nikki Jones, seventh grade, Mickelson Middle School, Brookings, South Dakota, May 2002.  Information for this profile came from Richard Blair, Brookings, SD, brother of Terrace Blair.