In Memory of
2nd Lieutenant
Jack A. Browder
Mobridge, South Dakota
Walworth County
November 8, 1918 – November 2, 1942
Killed in Training Mission and Buried at Sea in the Panama Canal Zone

Jack A. Browder

Jack A. Browder was born in Mobridge, South Dakota, on November 8, 1918, to Edgar and Lulu Mae Browder. His brother Robert was a few years older than he, and they both attended Mobridge High School. Jack graduated from Mobridge High School in 1935. Jack then attended Northern State University from ‘35-’36. Jack graduated from University of South Dakota in 1939, where he attained his law degree. He then moved to Chicago to become a lawyer. Jack was never married and never had any children. All of his descendents that are still alive have never met him and have no personal memories of Jack.

After the bombing of Pear Harbor Jack returned to Mobridge and enlisted in the Army Air Corps. He then traveled to San Angelo, Texas where he received his pilot’s training at Goodfellow Field. Jack was stationed at Kelly Field in the Panama Canal Zone as a Second Lieutenant in the 53rd Fighter Squadron, 36th Fighter Group, Air Force. Jack never went overseas or even to a battle; he only ran training missions.

2nd Lieutenant Jack A. Browder died in the Caribbean on November 2, 1942. His death was a result of a plane crash into the ocean during a training exercise. His plane went down near Mac Dill base, Texas. An excerpt from the letter, signed by Major General J. A. Ulio, reads:

The official report states that your son died in an airplane which crashed into the ocean, not the result of enemy action. I regret to inform you that the body has not been recovered, and that the search has been abandoned. When further information is received, you will be notified immediately.

Jack wasn’t buried because his body was never recovered.

Jack’s survivors include 2 nephews and a niece. Leslie Browder Evans is the niece; she has provided much of the information for this biography.  The VFW in Mobridge, South Dakota is named Parker-Browder Post #4. Parker is the last name of the first man from Mobridge killed in WWI and since Jack A. Browder was the first man from Mobridge killed in WWII, his name was honored also.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Christina M. Turgeon, 11th grade Mobridge High School, Mobridge, South Dakota, March 26, 2002. Information for this entry was provided by Leslie Browder Evans, Rapid City, niece of 2nd Lieutenant Jack A. Browder.