In Memory of
Army Private
Dwayne Francis Bruns
Wentworth, South Dakota
Lake County
December 18, 1922 – January 21, 1945
Killed in Action in Luxembourg

Dwayne Francis Bruns

Dwayne Francis Bruns was born on December 18, 1922. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. George J. Bruns. Dwayne had four siblings. Their names were: Eldyn, Lowell, Delman, and Georgia. Dwayne Bruns graduated from Oldham High School in 1941. Dwayne worked on the farm until he entered the service. Dwayne had no wife or children. His interest was farming. He had a special love for animals.

Dwayne Bruns entered active service in Lake County on May 3, 1944. He was sent to Fort Mead for training. On December 12, 1944, he left for overseas and was stationed in Luxembourg. Private Bruns was a member of the Second Battalion of the 317th Infantry. In January of 1945, the Second Battalion was attacked while guarding against enemy positions near Ringel, a duchy of Luxembourg. In February of 1945, his family received a telegram that Dwayne Bruns was missing. The family received official notice of his death two weeks later. His sister, Georgia, recollects:

“I do remember I was in school when we received the second one (telegram) and my
brother, Eldyn, coming to get me and my brothers, Delman and Lowell, and telling us Dwayne
was dead.”

Private Dwayne Bruns was killed by heavy combat fire. He was initially buried at the United States’ cemetery in Hamm, Luxembourg. Three years later, he was laid to rest at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Wentworth, South Dakota. Private Bruns was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.

Dwayne Bruns is currently survived by three brothers: Eldyn, Lowell, and Delman; and one sister, Georgia Thomas.

Tara Valdez, 12th grader at West Central High School, Hartford, South Dakota on March 1, 2002, respectfully submitted this entry. Mrs. Georgia Thomas of Hermosa, South Dakota provided the information for this entry.