In Memory of
Rollie Ernest Bucholz
Rapid City, South Dakota
Pennington County
September 28, 1917—July 30, 1941
Died Non-Battle, North Coates, England

Rollie Ernest Bucholz

Rollie was born on September 28, 1917 in Wagner, South Dakota to Dave and Anna Bucholz.  His uncle and aunt, Frank and Violet Brodsky adopted him, at age 14.   He graduated from Mitchell High School and Morningside College.  He enjoyed hunting, fishing and flying. 

He volunteered in Royal Canadian Air Force in Canada.  He was sent to England for training.  In July, 1941, he sent a letter to Frank and Violet.  In the letter, he teased Frank that he should join the army because he thought he would make a good sergeant major.  He also requested items from home such as doublemint gum, Palmolive aftershave lotion, and milk chocolate.  He also told of what the war was like.

July 8.  Real early in the morning we were awakened by bombardment and sirens.  From the roof of our hotel we saw streams of tracer flying between bombers and fighters.  Two planes caught fire and came down like comets.  Later they were confirmed to be German.  Oh yes, some heavy explosions at 5:30 this morning.  I thought someone kicked my bed. 

I was in London the past few days, and they haven’t had a raid in a long while, still the Jerrys say over the radio that she has, they are terrible liars.

The London fashion this year is bomb crater flower garden.  London has taken an awful lot, and her stone buildings are all that saved her.

Rollie Buchloz was killed at S. North Cotes, Lincolnshire, England while flying during a training accident.  He is buried at the North Cotes Village Cemetery. 

His guardian, Uncle Frank Brodsky, his father, two sisters, Thelma and Gladys and two brothers, Sonny and Jerome survived him.    His sister, Thelma Bucholz Piskule lives in Mitchell, SD at Prairie Crossings.   A building in Wagner was dedicated in his honor as the Rollie Bucholz Memorial Building.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Bonnie Bjork, Pierre, SD, July 23, 2002.  Karell Lehmann, Rapid City, SD City, cousin of Rollie Bucholz and William Hollman, Wagner, South Dakota, provided information for this entry.