In Memory of
Marine Sergeant
Harlan Levi Bushby
Hecla, South Dakota
Brown County
April 13, 1925 – May 2, 1945
Killed in Action in Mindanao Island, Philippines

Harlan Levi Bushby

Harlan Levi Bushby was born April 13, 1925, to LeRoy and Minnie Bushby, at Hecla, South Dakota. He lived on the family farm just outside of Hecla.  After a few years the family moved with their father into Hecla for their father had become ill. Harlan went to country school with the rest of his brothers and sisters. He went there for all of his grade school years and then went to high school for one year. Harlan lived in Hecla until he decided to move to California. When he was seventeen, he joined the service. In 1943 Harlan joined the Marines. He went to radio school and aerial gunnery school.

Sgt. Bushby was stationed in Mindanao, Philippines. He was killed May 2, 1945, in a routine combat flight when his aircraft crashed after being hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire. Sgt. Harlan Bushby received full military honors at his burial service. He received the Purple Heart and many other medals. The remains of Sgt. Harlan Bushby and seven other crewmen now reside in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. The Marine Corps wrote to Harlan’s mother: “By his example your son set a high standard of devotion to duty and courage for us, his friends, to emulate. In him we saw the many attributes which we have come to consider typical and essential to a Marine.”

This entry was respectfully submitted by Whitney Boyd, 8th Grade West, Spearfish Middle School, Spearfish, South Dakota, May 13, 1999. Information for this entry was provided by Mrs. Lavonne Meyers of Hecla, South Dakota, sister of Sgt. Bushby.