In Memory of
United States Naval Reserve, S 2C
Dale Leroy Carney
Hitchcock, South Dakota
Beadle County
January 2, 1920 – October 28, 1943
Killed in Action in the Northern Atlantic

Dale Leroy Carney, family photo

Dale Leroy Carney was born in Hitchcock, South Dakota to Michael and Izetta Carney.  Dale had two younger sisters Mary and Joyce; and a younger brother Mike.  Dale attended Ladell Elementary School and worked with his father on the farm because at that time it was hard to survive in the thirties.  He was always there to help his sisters and brother.  He was interested in horses; he often competed with his tomboy sister Mary in a race with the ponies. 

In 1942, a patriotic volunteer, Carney entered the United States Naval Reserve.  He was trained in a camp in the Great Lakes, Illinois.  Carney was with an armed guard crew on board a merchant ship when he turned up missing and his ship were reported missing.  He was only 22.

November 1, 1943 his mother Izetta C. Sanders received a letter from The Secretary Of The Navy stating that Seaman Second Class Dale Leroy Carney hadn’t reached his destination along with the rest of the vessel.  The vessel was officially reported missing on October 11, 1943.  In accordance with Section 5, Public Law 490, 77th Congress, as amended, the death of Seaman Second Class Dale and of the other members of this armed guard crew is presumed to have occurred as of 28 October 1943.  Only one body of the crew was ever recovered.  Two officers were taken as prisoners of war to Germany.

Carney and his vessel were lost in the Northern Atlantic when no word was received after November 11, 1943.  Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox wrote, “I hope you may find comfort in the knowledge that your son gave his life for his country upholding the highest traditions of the Navy.” Carney’s name is inscribed on a wall at the World War II Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial along with the names of 5,126 Americans who died in the service of their country, but whose remains were never recovered or identified.  His name is inscribed on an obelisk in front of the Huron Public Library.

His survivors are his two sisters Mary Dale and Joyce Cady.  Dale’s father died in 1939, and his mother died in 1983.  Dale’s younger brother Michael had died in 1939.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Chad Jessen, 9th Grade, Redfield High School, Redfield, South Dakota, April 23, 2002.  Dale Leroy Carney’s sisters Mary Dale and Joyce Cady provided information for this entry.