In Memory of
Robert E. Carnie, IV
Woonsocket, South Dakota
Sanborn County
Died July 4, 1944
Killed in Action over Romania

Robert E. Carnie, IV

Robert E. Carnie, IV was born in Kansas City, Missouri.  His parents were Robert Carnie, III and Catherine Carnie.  He had one sister, Jacqueline, and one brother, Keith Edwin.  Mr. Carnie came to South Dakota in 1941 and was employed by the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department in Woonsocket.  He was married to Marie Lavold, Redfield, in Redfield, SD.  They had one son, Robert E. Carnie, V.

Lieutenant Robert E. Carnie, IV, age 23, was killed in action over Romania on July 4, 1944.  The lieutenant had been flying pursuit planes in North Africa and Italy since April and was credited with shooting down two German planes and destroying one on the ground.  He had been in the service since January 1943.  In September 1943 he was commissioned a second lieutenant at Taft, California.

Lieutenant Carnie was awarded the following decorations:


For extraordinary achievement in aerial flight as pilot of a P-51 type aircraft.  On July 4, 1944, Lt. Carnie participated as escort to bombers attacking enemy targets.  Approaching the target, he observed approximately fifteen enemy fighters preparing to engage the rear flight of bombers, and with complete disregard for the superiority in numbers of enemy aircraft, Lt. Carnie immediately engaged the hostile force.  In the ensuing engagement, he materially aided his leader in destroying four enemy fighters while seriously damaging one through his own effective fire.  While pressing his attack against an enemy plane at minimum altitude, due to an unknown and unavoidable accident his aircraft crashed to the ground.  By his outstanding courage against heavy odds, keen sense of air discipline, and in tense devotion to duty, as evidenced throughout his brilliant combat career, Lt. Carnie has reflected great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States of America.



                        For meritorious achievement in aerial flight while participating in sustained operational activities against the enemy from May 1944 to June 6, 1944; June 9, 1944 to July 1944, and for the destruction of three enemy aircraft, type ME-109 on June 9, 1944; type FW-190 on 30 June, 1944; and type ME-109 on July 2, 1944.


Major General, The Adjutant General

At the time of his death he was survived by his wife, Mrs. Marie Carnie; a son, Robert E. Carnie, V; a sister, Miss Jacqueline Carnie; a brother, Lt. Keith Edwin Carnie of the United States Army Air Force; and his father, Robert E. Carnie, III of Salina, Kansas.

I am humbly grateful to Robert E. Carnie, IV for his service and sacrifice in World War II.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Casey Bortnem, 8th grade, Rutland Junior High School, Rutland, SD, April 2, 2002.  Robert W. Kappel, Woonsocket, SD, a good friend of Robert E. Carnie, IV, provided information for this entry.