In Memory of
Sergeant in U.S. Army
Ray Frank Cavier
Wagner, South Dakota
Charles Mix County
†April 12, 1914 -- April 15, 1945
Killed in Action in Germany

Ray Frank Cavier

Heinrich (Henry) Julius Cavier and Grace Pearl Wares were the parents of Ray Frank Cavier.† Henry was a first generation immigrant having come to America from Delemenhorst, Germany to keep from serving in the German Army.† They settled in Charles Mix County by Wagner, South Dakota.† His son, Ray, was the sixth of the seven children born to Henry and Grace in April 12, 1914 on the family homestead.† He attended Highland #1 school from grades one to eight.† Ray had a great sense of humor and loved to play practical jokes.† He was a farmer before being drafted.††

Ray Cavier entered the service before the attack on Pearl Harbor at the age of 28 years old.† He was placed with the 636th Tank Destroyer Battalion in the 7th Army as a Private and achieved the rank of Sergeant.† Ray fought in the African campaign, through Italy, into France and Germany.† While somewhere in Italy, he sent a letter home to his sister dated October 20, 1943:

Dear Hazel and Clarence,

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Recíd your letter sometime ago so will Ana, This leaves me O.K.. How is every body around their including Joyce and Donna.† You said Clarence has a new tractor.† What kind did he get.† I am sending you a money order for $25.00 to do some Christmas shopping for me.† I want you to get something for Ilene, that girl friend of mine then if you have anything left you can get something for Dad.† I suppose you are busy picking corn, or did it burn up this year.† How was the Labor Day Celebration this year.† Same as usual I suppose.† I suppose Joyce ate herself sick on ice cream and pop sure wish I had some.† This time last year I was thinking about getting a furlough maybe this time next year I will be home for good.† I sure hope so.† Got a letter from home, they said everybody was well around their, also said George was in California.† Have seen a couple of† boyís from Wagner since I came to Italy, also saw Charlieís nephew, you sure can tell he is Stiegert, he looks a lot like Melvin.† Where is Melvin Carpenter at now and is he still in the States.† Is Glen still working at Kulhmanís. Got a letter from Rev. Ellwin the other day, he thanked me for the way I anís his letterís, I didnít ansí them so guess I will ansí this one.† We sure donít have much time to rite in the first place.† Well guess I will sign off for this time

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† As Ever Ray

Ray was a Corporal with the 7th Army when he was wounded on January 8, 1945 during major fighting at the Rhine River near Lemberg and St. Louis, France.† He later returned to his unit.† On April 15, 1945 Rayís unit was in Germany advancing from Hammeburg, Germany southeast in the direction of Nuremburg on a tree lined road when around a sharp bend trees were blocking the road, set there by German soldier to stop advancing units.† As the unit tried to advance past the roadblock, Sergeant Ray Cavier was killed in action.†

Ray was killed about 1 month before the end of the war.† Ray was awarded the Purple Heart for his actions in the war. His unit liberated several concentration camps.† He is buried in Lorraine American Cemetery at St. Avold, France.†

Ashley Jacobson and Natakon Satjapanthep respectfully submitted this article from the Geddes Community School.† Donna Crichton, Sioux Falls, SD, provided information for this entry through family history and Seek, Strike and Destroy, the History of the 636th Tank Destroyer Battalion written by Tom Sherman.