In Memory of
Army Signal Corps Corporal
Glenn Arnold Niels Andersen
Viborg, South Dakota
Turner County
November 26, 1919 – October 28, 1942
Killed in Action at Akpatok Island in Ungava Bay

Glenn Arnold Niels Andersen

Glenn Arnold Niels Andersen was born November 26, 1919, in Viborg, South Dakota.  He was the son of Christian M. and Marie K. Andersen.  He had one brother, Arlo W. Andersen, who also served as a Marine in World War II.  Glenn attended Viborg High School and graduated in 1939.  After high school he repaired radios and attended the Civilian Conservation Corps in Custer, South Dakota.

Glenn enlisted with the U.S. Army on February 12, 1942, and attained the rank of Corporal.  He was stationed at Camp Forrest, Tennessee. He was then sent on to Chicago and New York.  Later on, he was sent to Nova Scotia. For his final station, Cpl. Andersen went to Ungava Bay in northern Quebec.

Cpl. Andersen was the radio operator on the tugboat “Matthew.” On October 28, 1942, it hit submerged rocks in waters difficult to navigate on the Koksoak River near Fort Chimo and sank.  Everyone on board were civilians except for Cpl. Andersen.  The tugboat was transporting supplies to Baffin Island where secret air bases were being built.  There were five survivors and twenty-three perished of whom Cpl. Andersen was one. He was never found.

On January 9, 1943, Mr. and Mrs. Andersen received information on their son Army Cpl. Glenn A. N. Andersen from General H. B. Lewis, which read:

The desire for news regarding Technician Andersen is most understandable and I
regret that casualty reports of necessity are usually very meager due to the extreme pressure under which our forces in the field operate.  The official report received concerning this soldier stated that  he was missing at sea as a result of a marine disaster, but further details concerning his disappearance were not revealed. 
I assure you that everything possible is being done to determine the whereabouts
of Technician Andersen and when any information is received concerning him,
you will be notified immediately. 

Glenn Arnold Niels Andersen was a great soldier.  He gave his life for his country.  We will always remember him as a great soldier who sacrificed his life for the United States. 

Glenn Arnold Niels Andersen marker photo

This entry was respectfully submitted by Brandi Duerksen and Matt Bones, 11th Grade, Parker High School, Parker, South Dakota, April 30, 2002.  Information for this entry was provided by Mrs. Elaine Andersen, Viborg, South Dakota, sister-in-law of Corporal Glenn Arnold Niels Andersen.