In Memory of
Marine Sergeant
Herbert Leo Chivington
Hudson, South Dakota
Lincoln County
1914 --August 13, 1942
Killed in Action in the South Pacific

Herbert Leo Chivington

Herbert Leo Chivington, Jr. was born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Chivington in 1914.  Herbert lived with his two brothers, Tom and Clark, and his parents on a farm. He attended rural grade school, and then Hudson High School, taking an active part in school athletics.  Herbert graduated from high school in 1935. 

In June 1936, Herbert Chivington enlisted in the Marine Corps at Portland, Oregon, and spent two years stationed in the Hawaiian Islands.  After his furlough in 1938, he was sent to the marine base at Hawthorne, Nevada.  Upon his discharge in 1940, he was awarded the Good Conduct medal.  Herbert Chivington was recalled to active duty in August 1940, and stationed at San Diego, California.  While there, he earned medals as marksman, sharpshooter, and expert rifleman, and the Browning Automatic Rifle Award.  In the summer of 1942, Sgt. Herbert Chivington was sent to the scene of battle in the South Pacific.  

On August 13, 1942, Sgt. Herbert Leo Chivington, Jr., was reported killed in action.  The Revered H.G. Kelly spoke of the young marine, saying, in part:

…He was a hero, not in the sensational Superman sense, but one whose    
deeds and manner of life inspired others.  …Herbert Chivington was
willing to lay down his life no doubt because he had the conviction others
shared his ideals of freedom and justice and would carry on in his place
to maintain them.  …If this world is ever to reach the state where armed
conflict will no longer be the price of human liberties—it will be because  
men and women like you and me are inspired with the vision, the
courage, and the will to make it that kind of a world.  And the job, which
Herbert Chivington set out to do, will not go unfinished. 

This entry was respectfully submitted by Mrs. Shirley Swanson, Stanley County Schools, Fort Pierre, South Dakota.  Information was gathered from articles from the October 1942 Canton newspaper.