In Memory of
Army Private
Dale (Morris) Chrans
Reliance, South Dakota
Lyman County
October 24, 1924 December 13, 1944
Killed in Action in Germany

Dale (Morris) Chrans  Dale (Morris) Chrans, headstone

Dale (Morris) Chrans was born October 24, 1924, in Reliance, South Dakota. He was the 12th of fifteen children to Alfred Theodore Chrans and Jenna Chrans.  His father was a cattle rancher for many years but lost all his money, his home, and his belongings when the Great Depression hit in 1931. He was running cattle from Texas to South Dakota when the stock market crashed and the family lost everything. From then on, they were tenant farmers in the Reliance area of South Dakota near Chamberlain.

Dale was a gentle and kind boy who enlisted to fight in World War II. He was stationed in southern Fort Hahn in Southern California and then went back to South Dakota to join his unit. Shortly after returning to South Dakota, he came down with appendicitis and had to be hospitalized to have his appendix removed. When he recovered form the surgery, his unit has already been shipped to Europe so he was placed in the 186th Infantry and sent to England. He landed in England on December1, 1944. From England, he traveled to France and then near Germany. His commander asked for volunteers to scout and find the location of the Germans: five men volunteered, but none came back.

He died December 13, 1944 and was buried in Black Forest of Germany. His mother had his body brought back to the United States in 1952, and he is buried in the National Cemetery between Sturgis and Tilford South Dakota.

Layne Ness, a junior at Lyman High School, Presho, SD, respectfully submitted this entry on March 6, 2001. Bonnie Tasch, niece of Private Chrans, contributed information for this entry.