In Memory of
U.S. Army Private
Clement W. Anderson
Hitchcock, South Dakota
Spink County
December 27, 1918- February 5, 1944
Killed at Kwajalein Atoll

Clement W. Anderson

Clement W. Anderson was born in Hitchcock, South Dakota on December 27, 1918. His parents were John and Dagmar Anderson. Clement was one of nine children and he attended school at Hitchcock High School.  He loved to hunt, fish, and play sports in his spare time. During the 1930s there were very few places to work, so Clement went to Minnesota to pick corn and joined the CCC camps in 1938 where he worked in the Black Hills.  In late1938, he moved to Montana to work in the copper mines and then to California.

While he was working in California, he was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1940 from Spink County. He served within the United States until December 1941.  He served overseas until April of 1942.  World War II broke out right before he was to be discharged so he continued to serve in the army. In June of 1943, Clement was sent to the South Pacific. 

Private Anderson received the Silver Star for bravery under fire. On January 31, 1944, during the Kwajalein Campaign, Private Anderson was with a patrol that was ambushed.  According to the citation, “He crawled under heavy enemy fire to deliver machine gun ammunition and assist in operating the machine gun.  When the enemy attacked the position with powerful offensive grenades, Private Anderson located the hidden enemy, dueled with them at a distance of 10 yards and directed the fire of the machine gun until enemy resistance was wiped out.”

On February 5, 1944 he was killed by enemy rifle fire. Private Anderson again displayed gallantry while assaulting a Japanese dugout.  The Silver Star citation continued, “Private Anderson’s heroism, aggressiveness and cool thinking were an inspiration to his unit throughout the action.”  He also received the Purple Heart and numerous other medals and ribbons during his military service. 

This entry was respectfully submitted by Brad Henjum, 9th Grade, Conde High School, Conde, South Dakota.  March 28, 2002.  Information for this entry was provided by George Summerside, a nephew of Clement Anderson.