In Memory of
Dale Kenneth Anderson
Platte, South Dakota
Charles Mix, County
September 22, 1922-October 4, 1944
Killed in Action at Man Fredonia, Italy

 Dale Kenneth Anderson

Dale Kenneth Anderson, born September 22, 1922 in Platte, South Dakota, was the third child of Gustof and Amelia Anderson. He did farm work for Dave Summerville. He later joined the CCC camp at Sturgis, South Dakota that took him to Denver, Colorado. He was there for a few weeks, when, two days after Pearl Harbor, Dale enlisted in the army.

Dale's brothers and sisters say he was a nice guy and always concerned about his younger siblings. He played baseball and enjoyed playing games with his siblings. Dale's brother Bob recalled how he loved to bake. One particular time he was making cookies and tried to get everyone involved in the clean up because Mom and Dad were soon to be home and he had gotten flour everywhere.

Dale's mother received a letter on December 16, 1941 saying very proudly, "I'm in the army now" and that he was in El Paso, Texas, at Fort Bliss. He said he was leaving in January for the Air Corps. He was stationed at Foster Field, Texas for three years and it was there that he met the love of his life and married Mary Olsovsky of Victoria, Texas.

Dale was sent over seas on March 7, 1944 and served with the ground forces in Africa before being sent to Italy. Dale was killed on October 4, 1944 at Man Fredonia, Italy when he was in a jeep accident while pursuing the enemy. Dale was the second of the Platte men who gave their lives in the service in World War II and who have been returned to the country for burial.

Dale's final resting place is in the New Platte Cemetery in the family plot in Platte, South Dakota. Dale Kenneth Anderson was a valiant soldier who gave his life for his country so his family could be free.

Kelly Kimball and Holly Fite, seniors at Platte High School, Platte, South Dakota, March 18, 2002, respectfully submitted this entry. Wayne Anderson, Armour, South Dakota, brother of Private Dale Anderson provided information for this entry.