In Memory of
Lowell A. Anderson
Vermillion, South Dakota
Clay County
June 19, 1918 – May 8, 1942
Port Moresby, New Guinea

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Lowell A. Anderson was born in Vermillion SD, on June 19th, 1918.  His mother’s name was Lise E. Anderson, and his father’s was Alexis O. Anderson.  His sister was named Elenor Anderson, who is now deceased and is buried in California.  His hometown all through high school was Vermillion South Dakota.  He attended Vermillion Elementary and high schools, from which he graduated. His wife is named Ermagene Dearborn Anderson Rice; they were married on September 6, 1941.  His son, Lowell Anderson Jr., was born July 21, 1942.

Cpl. Anderson received radio operator training and attended a gunner school, in Scott Field, Illinois. Cpl. Anderson was trained at the US Army Air Corps.  He was sent to the Port Moresby, New Guinea (in the south Pacific) as a corporal.

Cpl. Anderson died in Port Moresby, on May 8, 1942.  A letter to his wife read: “Dear Madam: It is with profound regret that I confirm the recent War Department telegram, announcing the death of your husband, Lowell Anderson, 17,027,320, on May 8, 1942, in the Far East.

Cpl. Anderson is buried in Virginia, at Footstone Bluff View Cemetery. On Mr. Anderson’s headstone in Virginia Footstone Cemetery it reads, “Lowell A. Anderson, CPL Air Corps, June 19, 1918 – May 8, 1942.”  Cpl. Anderson was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart.

I think that, like so many other victims of World War II, Lowell Anderson was taken long before his time.  He was killed before his son was born, and never had the chance of being a father, and his son never had a father.

Daniel Mollet, 8th Grade, Vermillion Middle School, Vermillion SD, May 8, 2002 (oddly enough, I wrote this on the 60th anniversary of Lowell Anderson’s Death), Sydney Brunick, Vermillion SD, friend of Lowell Anderson.