In Memory of
Private First Class
Henry Cryrus Adams
Fort Pierre, South Dakota
Stanley County
October 4, 1922 April 14, 1945
Killed in Action at Breuna, Germany

Henry Cryrus Adams

Henry Cryrus Adams was born on a farm near Hayes, South Dakota, on October 4, 1922 to Laisure and Mary Ann Adams. At the age of five his family moved to Ft. Pierre, where he attended the public schools.

Adams was in Hastings, Nebraska when he was drafted in 1942. He received his basic training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and was later sent to a camp near Washington D.C. He was then sent over seas to England. At Christmas time in 1942 he was a driver of a light tank and then subsequently took part in V-Day invasion to France.

From there Pfc. Adams was sent to Belgium with the 1st Army. After that he went to Germany where he was assigned to a large heavy tank.

Pfc. Adams was killed in action on April 14, 1945, in Central Germany. Quoting from Major C. H. Carl 759 Light Tank Battalion Commanding:

It is with deep regret that I write to you regarding the death of your son, Pfc. Henry C. Adams, who was killed in action in Central Germany the 14th day of April 1945.

Pfc. Adams was killed when his tank, while participating in an attack, was hit by

a shell from an enemy anti-tank gun. He was the tank driver.

I wish to express my sympathy in your great loss. Your son was long a member of this battalion and we learned to know him well. He was considered a fine man and an excellent soldier.

Adams was originally buried in the American Military Cemetery in Breuna, Germany. After the war his remains were returned to Ft. Pierre, where he was reburied in the family plot in the Scotty Philips Cemetery.

Henry Cryrus Adams was a great soldier who gave his life for his country.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Mike Van Osdol, 11th grader at Stevens High School, Rapid City, South Dakota, March 25, 2002. Information for this entry was provided by Fort Pierre Times, Fort Pierre South Dakota.