In Memory of
Stephan S. Adams
McCook Lake, South Dakota
Union County
September 10, 1918-June 23, 1944
Killed in Action at New Guinea

 Stephan S. Adams

Stephan S. Adams was born September 10, 1918.  He had two sisters, Mary and Maude Adams.  Stephan grew up in McCook Lake and attended Central High School in Sioux City, Iowa.  He was raised on a farm that had been settled in 1872 by his grandparents, Stephan and Hannah Adams, from New York State.  He graduated as an honor student and a member of the honor society on June 1937.  He was a graduate of the University of South Dakota in 1941.  He was also a member of ROTC at USD.

He enlisted in the 6th Army 21st Infantry, and entered the military as first lieutenant on July 8, 1941.  He was a company commander in the “Fighting 20th” infantry division.  He had been in the Pacific area since September 18, 1943.

Adams was killed in action in New Guinea on June 23, 1944. The adjutant general’s office in Washington, D.C. reported that Adams had only been at the battlefront for seven days. After his death he received a Distinguish Service Cross.  The medal was delivered to his parents via parcel post.

The survivors at the time of his death were his parents and his two sisters, Mary and Maude.

U.S. Army Captain Stephen S. Adams, Jr., 20th Infantry Regiment, 6th Infantry Division, was buried at Plot H, Row 4, Grave 114, Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines. He was also awarded the Purple Heart.

 His surviving sisters, Mary and Maude, donated the 1500 acres family farm to the state of South Dakota in the 1980’s. It is known as the Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve and is managed by the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.

We felt that we learned a lot about the war and this man who fought. It was an exciting experience.

Fallen Sons and Daughters of WWII

Dawn Dodds and Maxine Harding, eighth graders, at Elk Point- Jefferson Middle School in Elk Point, South Dakota, March 1, 2002. The contributor is Mary Adams, the soldier’s sister, who lives in McCook Lake, South Dakota. Ms. Adams supplied the information to Jody Moats, naturalist at Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve, who passed the information on to us.