In Memory of
Army PVT
Lester Robert Arneson
Avon, South Dakota
Bon Homme County
November 18, 1921 -- August 9, 1943
Killed in Action during the Invasion of Sicily

Lester Robert Arneson

Lester Robert Arneson was the oldest of his family.  He was born November 18, 1921, in Springfield, SD, to Matt and Emma (Schmoll) Arneson. He moved to Avon, SD, with his parents in the fall of 1926. Lester attended Avon Public School in 1928 and graduated in 1940.  Lester participated in just about every sport there is in school.  He was also a member of the Boy Scouts.

Lester went to Sunday School and Bible School at the Presbyterian Church of Avon.  He was confirmed and became a part of the church on Easter Sunday the 12th of April 1938.

Lester worked three summers for A.W. Weihe at Bushton, Kansas, on a large wheat farm. He also operated the Globe Service Station at Avon for one year before his induction into the armed forces on August 20th, 1942, at Fort Crook, Nebraska.

He received his basic training at Camp Wolters, Texas.  On December 26, 1942, he was transferred to Camp George Mead, Washington, D.C.  On February of 1943 he was sent to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.  On March 1st he left the United States with the 47th Infantry Regiment with no opportunity of a furlough since his induction. His job was a truck driver with Company C 47th infantry but was transferred to the foot troops just before the Invasion of Sicily. He landed at Oran, North Africa on March 23, 1943.  He was sent into battle April 8, 1943, and fought to the end of the African Campaign.

His last letter home was a V-Mail letter written on August 5, 1943, somewhere in Sicily stating he was well and not to worry. Lester was killed in action August 9, 1943, at 9 A.M. during the Invasion of Sicily.  He received the Purple Heart and two battle stars.  He had served about one year in the Army before his death.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Nathaniel Harwood, 8th Grade West, Spearfish Middle School, Spearfish, South Dakota, February 11, 2000. Information for this entry was provided by Mrs. Evelyn Fuchs, sister of Army Pvt. Arneson.