In Memory of
Navy F 3C
Lawrence Harvey Adkins
Alexandria, South Dakota
Hanson County
January 3, 1924 -- November 24, 1943
Killed aboard the USS Liscombe Bay

Lawrence Harvey Adkins

Lawrence Adkins was born on January 3, 1924, the first of four children born to Harvey and Stella Adkins.  He had two brothers and one sister.  Lawrence attended school at Alexandria, from where he graduated in 1942. While in school,  Lawrence was a star athlete.  According to his sister, Mrs. Opal Terveen, “He loved all sports football, basketball, track, baseball.  In the winter he would do trapping and hunting.  He also loved to read.”

After he graduated from high school, Lawrence went to Sheldon, Iowa, where he worked on a farm. He then worked as a gravel truck driver at Mitchell and McCook, Nebraska. While working at the Morrell Packing Plant, Lawrence was inducted into the Navy on March 28, 1943.

Navy F3C Lawrence Adkins was assigned to duty in Washington and California. F3C Adkins sailed from San Francisco, California, aboard the Liscombe Bay only eight months after entering the Navy.

Navy F3C Lawrence Harvey Adkins was declared missing in action as of November 24, 1943, the date that the Liscombe Bay was torpedoed off of Makin Island in the Gilbert Islands.  Apparently F3C Adkins was assigned duty in the boiler room, which is where the torpedo was said to have hit. The Navy Department informed his parents that his death was officially recognized in November of 1944.  A memorial service was then held in Alexandria, S.D., at the Methodist Church.  They were told that he was assigned a position in the boiler room of the ship, which was where the torpedo was believed to have hit.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Gina Christian, 8th Grade West, Spearfish Middle School, Spearfish South Dakota, November 4, 2000.  Information for this entry was provided by Mrs. Opal Terveen, Emery, South Dakota, sister of Lawrence Adkins.