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Governor Bill Janklow speaking before the Vets of South Dakota.      Governor William J. Janklow announced in March 2000 the construction of a World War II Memorial on the Capitol grounds to pay tribute to all the past and present South Dakotans who contributed to the World War II effort.

    South Dakota rallied to country’s defense and provided vital support to the war effort on the front and the home front.  South Dakota participated in many ways in the war effort including:

68,000+ South Dakota men & women enrolled in the armed services.

•2,200+ servicemen gave the ultimate sacrifice and never returned home.

•South Dakota was home to 7 military establishments during World War II.

•South Dakota was vital to the Red Cross and USO efforts to support our troops overseas.

•South Dakota continued its agricultural production to feed the country and our troops during World War II and for the world relief effort following the war.

•South Dakota supported the financing of the war by purchasing War Bonds.

•South Dakota schools and teachers were vital to preparing students for entry into military service during the war years. 

These men and women are our relatives and neighbors.  They came from the farms and small towns across South Dakota to do what they could for our flag—for our country—for all of us!

 The memorial is an everlasting monument to thank them and immortalize their bravery.