St. Thomas Catholic School wages a "Penny War"
Photo of St. Thomas Catholic School kindergarten class, winners of the "Penny War"
The Students at St. Thomas Catholic School waged a "Penny War" last week. The students
collected all the pennies they could into jars over a period of five days and the class with the
most pennies and least silver (silver counts against them) wins the war and a pizza party.
The winners of this year's battle were the kindergarten class, the same class that won
last year. The contents of the jars, a total of $331.05 is being donated to the South Dakota
World War II memorial that will be built in Pierre. The winning students are (back, left) Joseph
Cameron, Emily Simons, Jacob Ricke, Derrick Weibe, Morgan Williams, Chandler Keppen,
(front) Rosa Maria Chapin, Elijah Roeman, Kelsey Wilson, Jessica Neises, Amy Thill, and
Taylor Borman. (photo by Lisa Nelson)