Testimonies from the Midwest


Pfc. Glendon Edwin Lee, 413 Infantry, 104 Division

     Pfc. Glendon Edwin Lee                 Divison patch                  Photo of Glendon Edwin Lee

Glendon Edwin Lee was born on March 13, 1925, at Estelline, South Dakota. Raised as a Catholic, Glendon attended high school before entering the service on June 11, 1943.

Service Record: Pfc. Glendon Lee served in the European Theater as a machine gunner in Company I, 413 Infantry, 104th Division. He received a head wound on November 11, 1944 in Germany.

Camp Encounter: (told in his own words) My unit discovered the Dora Mittlebau camp in the town of Nordhausen, Germany on April 11, 1945. It was suggested that we not enter the camp. Only the division medics were allowed in to do their work. We could smell the stench of rotting bodies. I was with the 104th at the time. We did see a few that were still alive taken out.

Awards: Pfc. Lee was awarded the European African Middle Eastern Campaign Ribbon, the American Campaign Ribbon, the Victory Medal, the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star Medal, the Distinguished Unit Badge, and the Combat Infantry Badge.

Glendon Lee and his wife Lois

After the War: Glendon Lee was discharged on November 30, 1945. He went on to college at South Dakota State, then to Northwestern College of Chiropractic. He practiced as a chiropractor in Pierre, South Dakota for 45 years. He has a wife, Lois, and four children, Thomas, Mary, Susan, and Steven.


Advice from a WW II Veteran to Today's Youth:

I hope you never have to go through an ordeal such as we went through in our young lives. Love your country.

Nordhausen;  photo courtesy 104th's Timberwolf Tracks

 Nordhausen;  photo courtesy 104th's Timberwolf Tracks;

   Two survivors lie among corpses on the straw-covered floor of the "Boelke

Two survivors lie among corpses on the straw-covered floor of the "Boelke
Kaserne"; photo courtesy of USHMM