South Dakota Casualties of WWII

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 Alphabetical Listing of S.D. Casualties of WW II
The Fallen Sons and Daughters of South Dakota in World War II was a yearlong effort to memorialize the South Dakota men and women who died in World War II.  High School and Grade school students researched, and compiled biographies of the South Dakota casualties. 

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 Aalbu, Arne
 Acker, Leonard W.
 Ackerman, Donald R.
 Adams, Donald R.
 Adams, Henry C.
 Adams, Robert E.
 Adams, Stephen S., JR
 Adkins, Lawrence H.
 Adolfsen, Wesley CM
 Afraid-of-Bear, Chester

Every effort was made to contact family, friends, and others who could provide information on these noble men and women.  Information is provided on every casualty that we were able to verify that indeed lived in South Dakota.  Most importantly, the contributors to this book acted now to capture these stories.  We invite you to read about the unselfish sacrifice that these men and women made so that we might enjoy freedom today.