Michael J. Fitzmaurice State Veterans Home

2500 Minnekahta Avenue
Hot Springs, SD 57747
Phone:  605.745.5127
Fax:  605.745.5547
Toll free within SD:  1.866.502.8999
SD State Veterans Home


Superintendent Brad Richardson Ext 1500111 brad.richardson@state.sd.us
Deputy Superintendent Teresa Phillipson Ext 1500220 teresa.phillipson@state.sd.us
Physical Plant Manager II Tom Inman Ext 1500442 tom.inman@state.sd.us
Veterans Service Officer Tyler Rousselle Ext 1500123 tyler.rousselle@state.sd.us
Business Manager Jeff Haiar Ext 1500114 jeff.haiar@state.sd.us
Director of Nursing Susan Wilcox Ext 1500217 Susan.Wilcox@state.sd.us
Senior Secretary Heather Catchpole Ext 1500116


Veterans Honored Internment

Hot Springs Ralph Sowder 605.673.3892 rsowder@goldenwest.net
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