Department Message

The primary mission of the South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs is to advocate with purpose and passion for veterans and link them to superior services, benefits, and support.   Our team is at the forefront of the most demanding challenges confronting our state’s veterans and their families, regardless of what era they served in.  

This past year, the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) expenditures have accounted for over $867 million annually to South Dakota’s economy.   Although that number is impressive, there are many eligible veterans in South Dakota who are not taking advantage of the many federal and state benefits and services available to them as a result of their military service.   Our goal is to close this gap.   

Our team has developed a resource manual to educate veterans on the benefits and resources that are available. The "Resource Manual" can be found by clicking here on Resource Manual.   

As is the case with all of our state agencies, our people truly make a difference.  For the team at the South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs (SDDVA), it truly is a privilege and an honor to serve our veterans and their family members.   Our team labors tirelessly to ensure that the State of South Dakota  preserves our reputation as “a veteran friendly state.”

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