The South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs operates the State Veterans Cemetery spanning 60 acres in Sioux Falls.

Burial sites at the South Dakota Veterans Cemetery include casket gravesites, cremation gravesites, columbarium for cremated remains and scattering garden.

The South Dakota Veterans Cemetery compliments services provided by the National Cemetery Administration. The National Cemetery Administration provides support to state cemeteries in the form of grants that are used for development, expansion, and/or improvement of state veterans cemeteries.

Anyone interested in burial at the South Dakota Veterans Cemetery is encouraged to complete the pre-registration application. Pre-registration establishes the veteran’s eligibility for burial at the time of application. It does not, however, reserve a specific gravesite.

The cemetery administrative staff assigns gravesites at the time of death. Pre-registration applications are available at the cemetery office, through your local County and Tribal Veterans Service Officer or on the SDDVA website.

Click here to download the Pre-Application form.

There is no cost for pre-registration and it does not obligate the veteran/dependent to be interred at the South Dakota Veterans Cemetery.

Click here to view the master plan for the cemetery.

Click here to view the phasing plan for the cemetery.

Click here to view flag raising ceremony at the cemetery.

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