What do we do?

We are accredited by the following Service organizations: South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs,  Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Military Order of the Purple Heart, The Retired Enlisted Association, Noncommissioned Officers Association,  and  American Ex-Prisoners of War. It is beneficial for you to appoint a Service Organization as your accredited representative, to ensure that your claim is processed in accordance with codified Laws, Rules and Regulations under the requirement of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and is substantially complete.

We are advocates and facilitators of veteran’s benefits. We are here to ensure that veterans can properly use and access the benefits they earned with their time in service.

Where can you find us?

Each county in South Dakota has a County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO) and some of the reservations have a Tribal Veterans Service Officer (TVSO). These individuals serve as the local contact person for our South Dakota veterans and their dependents. They provide assistance with taking applications for the various benefits programs that are available. The majority of these offices are located in the respective county courthouse or Tribal office.
There are also six state representatives (Veterans Service Officers) located in Sioux Falls at the VA Regional Office – Room 103, as well as state employees located in Pierre at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building (contact information on main page).

What can you expect?

As your advocate, we will review the facts and circumstances of your claim and assist you with development prior to presenting it to the VA. We will ensure that your claim is properly filed and will monitor it as it proceeds through the VA claims process. We will advise you of significant developments with respect to your claim and do all we ethically can to see that your claim is decided in your favor. If the VA decides against you, we will, at your request, advise you about the appellate process and, based on controlling laws and regulations, the probable outcome of your particular case. The decision to appeal is your decision and right, but it is vital that you fully understand the process.

What do we need from you?

If this is your initial claim for benefits with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, some of the evidence/documentation you may need to provide when meeting with a representative include:

  • Veteran’s military discharge form (DD214)
  • A voided check for direct deposit for your US Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits
  • Medical/treatment records (private records/ STRs if available)
  • Dependency information, for example: marriage license, birth certificates, Social Security cards
  • The SDDVA representatives may need additional information or request you obtain additional evidence/documentation after the initial meeting.
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